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Bank History

The National Bank of Sudan was established in 1981 as an initiative by a group of national Sudanese businessmen, and some other prominent families who had pursued commercial activities in the private sector.
Since the dawn of its establishment in the country at that time, most of the banking activities were only restricted to the foreign banks in addition to some local governmental and private banks.

Banking System

The founders utilized their financial capabilities and commercial expertise by establishing a distinguished bank in an excellent location to stand beside the other commercial banks operating in Sudan. From its inception in 1981 until 2006, the National Bank of Sudan has been affiliated with its capital to some Sudanese shareholders.
On the 4th of July 2006, 75% of the value of the NBS shares were acquired by the Lebanese Bank Audi. Mr. Ibrahim Malik, Chairman of the Bank’s Board of Directors, signed on behalf of the Bank’s Board of Directors and Mr. Raymond Odeh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bank Audi Group. In February 2017, Bank Audi’s share was sold to a group of Emirati businessmen. As a result, the National Bank of Sudan is now considered one of the most important bridges of Sudanese-Emirati links and a significant pillar of the Sudanese economy in various fields, as the bank supports Arab economic integration as a whole.

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